Fresh, Delicious, and Local Maryland Oysters

Home of the "Butter Ball Oyster", "Harris Creek Oyster",

and "MAXIMUS Oyster" brands.

Aquaculture Process in 3 steps


Seed oysters (1-6 months)

We buy baby oyster seed from local Chesapeake region hatcheries and spread them out into plastic mesh bags so they can grow fast. 


Teenage OYSTERS (6-18 months)

Once the seed oysters reach at least 1/2 inch in length, they are transferred to wire mesh cages and continuously cleaned, separated, and culled for size by our crew.  


Adult OYSTERS (18-24 months)

Once the oysters reach market size of 3 inches we harvest the oysters and constantly maintain temperature and quality control while they are transferred to our local distributors.